Jonathan Kellerman and the Alex Delaware Novels

I can't even remember how many Alex Delaware Novels I have read.  I do know that I used to read them one right after the other until I couldn't keep them straight.  I once tried writing down the titles of each book I read, but even then the plot lines and stories would not stay in my head more than a few days.  Jonathan Kellerman is a clinical psychologist and a master of the detective mystery. His character, Alex Delaware, is a child psychologist who is called in as a consultant to assist LAPD Detective Milo Sturgis in solving especially vicious crimes. There are nearly 30 Alex Delaware novels. I can only guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the suspense. I am currently reading Compulsion,which is the 22nd Alex Delaware novel, published in 2008.  His latest release is Mystery, published in 2011, and the next book in the series is entitled Victims, (Feb, 2012)