Michael Connelly and LA Crime

Michael Connelly
Michael Connelly started his journalism career reporting and investigating crime in South Florida.  He moved on to the Los Angeles Times, again covering crime.  With such a background it seemed natural that the aspiring novelist would write about big city crime. Connelly's first novel featured LAPD Detective Hieronymus Bosch (Harry). The novel, The Black Echo, was based, in part, on a true crime that had occurred in Los Angeles. It was published in 1992 and won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by the Mystery Writers of America.

Connelly has followed that up with 18 more novels, including The Lincoln Lawyer, which was made into a film starring Matthew McConaughey as Mick Haller. I was prepared to not like the movie, but in reality I liked it a lot. I imagine there will be more.

I have been reading Harry Bosch novels on my Kindle and have not been able to put them down.  I started with The Black Echo, because it was first, and followed that up with Black Ice.  I see that the next Harry Bosch novel is entitled The Drop and it publishes November 28, 2011. The Drop can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Michael Connelly has become one of my favorite crime novelists (along with James Lee Burke, of course).

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