James Patterson, Prolific and Popular

James Patterson has written so many books a list would occupy a full typewritten page.  He has had 63 New York Times Best Sellers.  That is a record.

The Amazon Author Page for James Patterson (as of February 2011) lists 172 items!

Of all his various subjects, or protagonists, I most enjoy the Alex Cross series.  His most recent Alex Cross novel is entitled Cross Fire and it was published in November 2010.  Another, published the year before, entitled I, Alex Cross is also very popular.

In January 2011, he published Tick Tock, a Michael Bennett (New York detective) novel, co-written with Michael Ledwidge.  Patterson has collaborated on several novels with other authors.  Frankly, I think his work is weakened when he shares the writing credit.

Another of Patterson's series is the Women's Murder Club, which was also a short-lived television series.  The books have been more popular than the TV show. I think there are about ten of these, which are set in San Francisco

Patterson is also a favorite among young readers, and his Witch and Wizard series launch was a huge success.

A couple of his older works, Kiss the Girls, (Movie stars Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd), Pop Goes the Weasel and Along Came a Spider, remain popular, at least partially due to the popularity of the movies of the same name.

James Patterson is the most popular mystery writer of all time, with book sales of over 180 MILLION, grossing over Three BILLION dollars!

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